Use cases

Skriptex offers you endless possibilities.
Just review a few of them below.

Business process automation

Write scripts to automate all your most tedious business processes.

Some examples
/skript run onboarding_process [email protected]

Apply the onboarding process to the new user. Create all of his required accounts and send him a welcome email.

/skript run send_sales_business_review

Send a business review survey to all members of your sales team. Gather the results to consult them later.

/skript run create_deal DEAL_NAME CUSTOMER AMOUNT

Create a deal in your CRM. Automatically link it to the right customer, and define an amount.

Data analytics

Extract data from various sources. Connect to your database, or any kind of storage system to get relevant insights.

Some examples
/skript run get_monthly_revenue

Extract your monthly revenue from your accounting system.

/skript run get_product_analysis

Issue a complex compound analysis of your product, aggregating multiple data sources to share it with one colleague.

Network and system administration

Administrate network and machines directly from Slack.

Some examples
/skript run reboot machine2

Reboot a specific machine upon the request of a user.

/skript run provision [email protected]

Provision a new account in your directory system.

/skript run backup server2

Run a periodic backup of a specific server.

Server monitoring

Make routine checks of your different servers and infrastructure.

Some examples
/skript run get_db_state

Get the state of your database. Check what is going on

/skript run check_online_status

Monitor the status of your website. Trigger alert if it is down

Customer support

Automate frequent actions to ease the task of your customer support, directly from your internal communication channel.

Some examples
/skript run unblock user1

Perform a task to unblock a user in a specific known situation.

/skript run reset_app_password user2

Reset the application password of a given person.

/skript run send_tooltip user

Show, into your application, a specific tooltip, to explain something to a user.


Other sectors may also benefit from automation. You can also use Skriptex for marketing: launch your content promotion strategy directly from Slack.

Some examples
/skript run publish_newletter

Build and send the monthly newsletter

/skript run publish_blogpost post3

Make a new blog post online

Your unique use case

But, all the cases above are not the only things that you can do with Skriptex. That's what's cool with it: as soon as you can script something, you can run it in Slack.

The best way to start learning what Skriptex can do is to try it. So, are you ready?

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